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We can support you with innovative tactics that effectively target and connect with your niche audience, taking them on a carefully crafted journey that drives action and return on investment.​​


Analyzing where you’ve been and how that fits into the current competitive landscape is a crucial factor in helping your organization grow into the future. We evaluate existing communication materials and channels of your organization and your competitors’ to identify areas of strengths and opportunities, align on goals and apply industry best practices to inform marketing priorities. This process results in a set of actionable recommendations that drive to your goals. 

Following a communications audit, we distill key findings into an actionable roadmap to guide execution, prioritizing highest impact opportunities. We create a tailored, goal-driven plan inclusive of audience and personas, messaging, cross-channel content and digital strategies to maximize your industry relevance.

Your brand is more than a tagline and logo. It’s the strategic culmination of narrative and visual elements, crafted for your ideal audience. We work to create concise, compelling and creative visual and narrative brand elements that break through the noise and get your organization noticed by the right people. Learn more about our creative services

In order to be effective, campaigns need to have a “drip” effect, or reach the intended user several times through different means. We work with you to create and maximize content to connect with your target audience at several points in their journey. Following deployment, we track and analyze performance to inform ongoing iterations and maximize results.


Content is the thread connecting all elements of a cohesive strategic communications approach. We work to identify, create and deploy content that provides value to your audience at several stages in their journey, further establishing relevance within your industry while maximizing the reach and investment of your content across channels.

Building on a foundation of key audience insights and decision drivers, we simplify your messaging to enable your audience to quickly understand your organization’s unique value proposition in helping them reach their goals. For targeted initiatives, this process is applied more granularly to create targeted messaging and collateral that directly connects with niche audience subsets for maximum conversion impact.


We help you brand smarter by narrowing the audience you target to the most likely to buy or take action. Our custom-built audience targeting can be used in static, video, or audio advertising. Popular tactics include geo-fencing, retargeting, job title targeting, and CRM or email targeting.

We increase relevant web traffic and drive ROAS (return on ad spend) by maximizing how often your website appears at the top of Google search results, driving the most relevant users to your web pages to learn about your organization and increase engagement.

Conversations about your organization and industry are happening online – with or without your input. Whether it’s developing engaging organic copy or a full-fledged paid social media campaign, social media is an important piece of a comprehensive marketing and communications plan. Whether your goal is branding, lead generation, or community relations, we can help you deploy and manage the right strategy at the right time for maximum impact.

From TV and radio to billboards and direct mail, we have deep roots in tried and true methods of engaging with key audiences through traditional media tactics.


A 360 degree B2B communications plan is omni-channel, promotes sales/marketing alignment, and provides value at several points within a user journey for maximum impact. We start with stakeholder interviews to position differentiators and decision drivers, then create and deploy an SEO-driven, content-centric improvement plan that engages your niche audience and positions your brand as present, alive and of value.

The percentage of the decision making process that takes place before engaging with sales continues to move further down the customer journey, often starting with the consumption of problem/solution related content.

Oh! And no one wants to meet in person any more, so, yay rapport building!

This has raised the bar for what both sales and marketing must bring to the table to be relevant. What used to pass as marketing collateral or a sales pitch is now table stakes, and both now need to go one layer deeper, customizing the dialogue in a solution-centric way.

Buyers want tailored information and solutions but have a fight-or-flight aversion to being sold to. Especially non-Boomer generations. As Gen-X take over the executive ranks and Millennials take over middle management, generational dynamics are compounding this evolution.

Sales interactions can be stressful and a perceived waste of time, so prospects stay hidden as long as they can before hitting a wall on a resource they need.

People crave control over what matters to them. That includes both problems they’re trying to solve and the process of arriving at a solution. We need to create marketing & sales strategies that give them both and are aligned in doing so.

Mueller Communications helps private equity firms transform the marketing and public relations of their portfolio companies from acquisition to exit. Time is money and we understand the speed at which transformation and growth need to happen. We are experienced in the unique communications challenges surrounding an acquisition as well as the marketing upgrades, integrations, and prioritization needed to grow revenue exponentially. 

Our core competencies serving private equity portfolio companies cover rebranding, repositioning, new market entry, portfolio add-on integration, website & ecommerce builds, digital marketing, sales & marketing alignment, trade & public relations, crisis communications, and internal communications. 


We help you assess and identify current and future needs surrounding engaging, tracking and quantifying interactions with target audiences, and how best to optimize marketing automation technology and email nurture campaigns to meet these needs.

An influencer is a person, publication, or organization with sway over your target audience, due to their perceived authority on a specific subject. We work with you to leverage external influence and embrace your own influence to create meaningful connections with your audience.


You’re only as good as you look before they meet you. From a distance, all a new prospect knows about you is what they see online, so your website should represent the same quality as your service, product, or mission. Whether it’s a website refresh or rebuild, our team will elevate your online presence to a level worthy of your good name that guides your audience toward a desired conversion point. We have deep experience in websites designed for three distinct purposes: lead conversion (professional services), ecommerce (B2B & B2C), and storytelling (non-profits, advocacy), and would love to help you enhance the way the world sees and interacts with you online. Learn more about our website services.

Organic ranking is a zero sum game. To move up, a competing site needs to move down. SEO is a data-driven process that helps you compete by increasing how relevant Google believes your website to be for searches you care about.

Modern search engine optimization serves two masters: it improves technical back-end aspects of your website to please the robots and content to please your prospects and customers. Google’s job is to deliver the most relevant content related to what people search for. You win by structuring your website and online content in a way that ultimately satisfies those goals. The Mueller team is skilled at winning the relevance game through balancing the technical side with the quality content your audience expects from you. 

Our process starts with a review of website health, keyword and competitor research, identifying user intent, and analyzing search engine results pages (SERP) for searches that matter most to you. Our content team then collaborates to create or improve necessary content to grab the attention of the people searching for what you do and the search engines that determine who is shown and who is not.

What are the outcomes of this process?

  • Improved website health
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased leads and/or sales


We’ve honed your message, now it’s time to bring it to life. Our in-house creative team can help develop the assets you need. Learn more about our creative services


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Since engaging Mueller, we’ve really accelerated our growth. We’re finding new customers everyday; it truly opened up the world to us.

Andy Remus

Founder, RapidAir

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