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Guide to Creating a Communications Plan

2020 is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start developing or updating a communications and marketing plan for your organization. At Mueller Communications, we’re developing (and executing) plans every day. Here are the key elements and questions to consider.

1. Situation Analysis
  • What situation or issue is this plan addressing?
  • What is the history/background that will help inform the recommendations?

2. Objective(s)

  • What specific outcomes are desired?
  • Be specific: these objectives will be useful in evaluating the effectiveness of your plan.

3. Audience

  • Who are you hoping to reach?
  • Is your audience external, internal or both?
  • Have you considered the media as an audience?

4. Tactics

  • Have you considered all of the communications channels available to you, including your own website, social media, traditional earned media, paid digital opportunities as well as how you perform in online searches?
  • Does each tactic support an objective and reach at least one of the target audiences?

5. Implementation Plan

  • What is the timeline for implementing?
  • Who is responsible for each element?
  • What are the key benchmarks/milestones?