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Is It Time to Pull the Plug or Double Down on Digital Marketing?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in thousands of Wisconsin businesses closing their doors, canceling events and implementing remote work measures to help slow the spread of the disease. During these unprecedented times, it makes sense for businesses to evaluate all aspects of operations and expenditures, including digital marketing. Should you be hitting pause or pulling the plug on your digital marketing? Here are a few considerations:

Consider Your Comprehensive Strategy

While you consider the future of your digital marketing campaign, it’s important to think about your marketing strategy in general, and which components make the most sense right now given our current economy. For example, did you have plans for billboards? There aren’t too many cars on the roads these days. Did you have a special event planned in the coming months? Its future is now likely uncertain.

Today, one of the only marketing channels that remains open and engaged with is digital marketing. Online and social media channels are seeing up to 50% more traffic, which means your customers are online and can be targeted with your tailored message at a time when they can’t interact with you and your brand in person… and it’s usually one of the most cost effective ways to reach them.

Value Adaptability

The impact of COVID-19 is changing daily. If you’re investing in marketing efforts, you need to be able to quickly adapt your messaging to follow suit. And, as the world slowly gets back to normal, you’ll want to be out and in front of the influx of business. The most adaptable and easily deployed marketing strategy is digital marketing. You can change your message and your target audience as quickly as the world is changing today.

Looks Matter

If you had a storefront – or if you do have a storefront – you wouldn’t want it to look dated, broken down or irrelevant, right? Especially as we all social distance, your website and online presence is your storefront. Your brand, messaging and design should all work together to tell your story and drive engagement and sales.

At Mueller Communications, we combine more than 35 years of strategic communications experience with advanced marketing tools to drive lead generation, website traffic and customer conversions for companies all across Wisconsin.

Whether you’re converting to digital to keep your business strong, refill an empty marketing pipeline, or prepare to re-open your doors for business, let’s talk about whether a digital marketing investment is right for you.