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Bolster Employee Recruitment and Retention Efforts

By Elizabeth Hummitzsch, Vice President of Mueller Communications


With unemployment at an all-time low throughout the state, employee recruitment and retention has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Whether you’re seeking entry-level talent or more seasoned professionals, a comprehensive communications effort can give you and your company the competitive advantage needed to get your top candidates to the table.

You may be thinking, “that sounds great, but where do I even start?” here are a few tips:

  • Learn from your employees: Sit down with your current “stars.” Ask them what made them choose your company, and why they stay. Outline your competitive advantage, learn what top employee targets are looking for, and be able to concisely and consistently explain how you will meet their needs.

  • Take a look at Google: What do potential employees do when they see a job posted? They Google the company. How do you match up? Does your site have new, engaging content that positions you as an industry and thought leader? Do you highlight the benefits of working at your company? Are there other positive references to your company online including media coverage, awards, etc.? How do you stack up against those you’re competing against for talent?

  • Get out there: Do you have a story to tell? Find a way to tell it. Whether it’s earned or paid media, special events or speaking opportunities, raising your company’s profile means getting out into the community.

  • Think digital: If you’re not using digital communications to target prospective employees, you’re ignoring a critical tool. When done well, digital marketing can get you in front of your exact recruitment targets at that right time, with the right message for them to consider your company.

  • Give back: Community impact is a major consideration of employees today. What cause is your company aligned with? How are you giving back, and how are you involving your employees?

  • Start young: Depending on your industry, consider partnering with local high schools, colleges, technical colleges and universities. Whether it’s guest lecturing, participating in mock interviews, bringing on student interns or participating in job fairs – current students may be your future employees.

  • Create employee ambassadors: Your employees are your greatest asset – arm them with what they need to become passionate ambassadors for your company. Consider quarterly employee meetings and / or newsletters to ensure your employees are up-to-date on the good things the company and their colleagues are doing. Celebrate successes and create opportunities for employees to get more involved with the company and in the community. As a bonus, current employees who feel personally invested in the company tend to stick around.

And of course, you can always drop us a line. We’d be happy to help you develop and execute a communications strategy to help you get in front of your top recruitment targets.