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Natasha Bivins

Creative Associate

Hi there, I’m Natasha & I’m a Creative Associate. As a proud graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, I have learned how crucial visual communication is for a brand. At Mueller, every client has a unique story to tell. I’m passionate about finding new and innovative ways to visually bring that story to life. Whether it’s digital ads, print publications, social media graphics, a new website or a full brand identity, every day brings an exciting challenge.

My creative journey started at a very young age through a close relationship with my grandmother, who attended the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee and went on to be a professional painter & art teacher. She showed me that an artistic career was something I could take seriously, and I’m so grateful to be at a firm that intensely values creativity and professional development. 

Outside of the office you can find me geeking out about typography, pointing out and critiquing every logo I come across and working on passion projects. Nothing excites me more than primary colors & I will make a big deal every time I see them! I also enjoy spending quality time with my loved ones, getting my hands on traditional art projects and consuming all sorts of media.



Enhancing our personal brand through themed staff retreat elements, social media covers, desk calendars, and spirit swag
Amplifying Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin social media graphics for our clients with eye-catching animation
Supporting RapidAir’s Vairify brand through animated advertising elements

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