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Maya Fidziukiewicz


Hi, I’m Maya Fidziukiewicz! (My last name is very Polish, pronounced Fid-jew-kiev-itch.) 

As I grew up, I was always the friend who would be “hired” to meticulously edit my peers’ papers, or the one designated to make group presentation slides aesthetically pleasing. Eventually, I earned the reputation of being the go-to artistic grammar gal, and I never looked back.

As I attended UW-Madison, I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate my desire of working with people, my love of writing and innate creativity into my career. With such a wide spectrum of interests – and with experiences in summer camp event coordination, digital marketing internships and writing for publications – I felt it impossible to pick just one thing to “specialize” in.

Enter: Mueller Communications. At Mueller, I can marry my love of writing and design in my daily tasks. I can work with clients in a wide range of industries – from consumer products to educational institutions to tourism – all in one day. I can apply my passion for writing and aesthetics. Mueller is definitely where I was meant to be!

Outside of work, there is not enough time in the day to satisfy all my passions and interests. You will likely find me outside running, exploring a state park, cooking a new recipe, spending time with Jesus, drinking tea with my nose in a book, learning a language or packing my suitcase for a spontaneous trip. Every day is an opportunity, so I live each moment to learn something new!



Helped secure a feature article about how Uline invests in the well-being of its employees and the beauty of its surrounding neighborhoods through careful landscaping maintainance around its corporate campus
Supported on-site interviews for local entrepreneurs participating in BMO’s EmPower program at Summerfest, and spreading the message of their mission and their entrepreneurial hard work
Currently working on a nonprofit team that is helping transform milwaukee’s near west side into a neighborhood that is safe and fun place to live, grow, play and stay

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