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Lori Richards


Agency life is everything I never knew I always wanted. It wasn’t my original career vision, but once I discovered it, I knew it was the right fit for me. 

The last 20 years have brought several careers’ worth of PR experiences, a deep devotion to the Milwaukee community and a passion for developing leaders.

The idea of being faced with one-of-a-kind challenges on an almost-daily basis is a nightmare for many people, but I love collaborating with my team to solve a tough problem, strategize a creative solution or just share a great story. I love opening my morning paper (albeit the e-edition on an iPad) and recognizing our good work, smart strategy and unique ability to make connections in our community to get things done.

I’m often asked what my favorite part of my job is, and the answer is complex: it’s the privilege of cultivating an amazing team of, dare I say, the smartest communicators you’ll find anywhere and creating a team environment that rewards excellence and fosters work/life balance. It’s the challenge of knowing that I’ll walk into the office each day and have no idea what new issue lies ahead or problem I’ll get to help solve that day using communications best practices. And it’s the rewarding relationships with clients throughout this region that quickly reduce the “six degrees” of separation to one or two.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after more than two decades in this industry in Milwaukee, it’s that there’s no replacement for good, old-fashioned personal relationships, client service and hard work.



Transformed workplace culture to focus on caring for the team, offering a balanced, challenging and joyful work environment and attracting and retaining the best and brightest communicators in the state
We lit a bridge! Proof that no idea is too big or silly, a group of friends came together and brightened up Milwaukee’s evening view.
Supported a family-owned Midwestern company understand and connect with Wisconsin audiences, and facilitate a successful market entry and philanthropic investment in our community

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