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Krista Ruehmer

Client Manager

Hey there! I’m Krista, a Client Manager at Mueller Communications. I like to think my career began at the tender age of 8, when I wrote my first novel, illustrated in crayon and bound with Elmer’s glue. However, it remains my first and only novel, and so began a necessary pivot into the real world, and eventually marketing and communications by way of journalism.

Writing has always been my passion, so I’ve maneuvered through my career using my affinity for words to tell client stories and develop brand voices, or to find new ways to elevate an organization through strategic communication plans. At the base of it all? Words.

My path has wound through a statewide political campaign, agencies, corporate communications and higher education. From water filtration to telecommunications to philanthropic organizations to a private university. From Madison to the state of Oregon and back to Milwaukee, where it all began in Bolton Hall. Now I’m happy to be here at Mueller.

My favorite part of what I do is the challenge of storytelling. At the root, our job is to take information and disseminate it to an audience, sometimes solving a problem along the way. But the joy comes from determining what story to tell, how and where to share it, and how to help the audience understand its impact. How to use words to make a difference.

I’m always in the middle of a book, I dabble in indoor rock climbing, I could eat pizza for every meal, and have run 20 marathons to date. If I’m not otherwise occupied by any of the above, you’ll find me on the couch.



Supported the Medical College of Wisconsin in keeping the community up-to-date and educated on the science of the Covid-19 pandemic
Helped amplify the voices and work of minority business owners through the BMO EMpower Grant Program in partnership with Summerfest
Elevated the expertise of researchers and scientists at the Medical College of Wisconsin from colorectal cancer to adolescent psychiatry

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