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Katie Darragh

Public Relations Intern

Hi all! My name is Katie Darragh (rhymes with “Sarah”), and I am currently pursuing my bachelors in Corporate Communications at Marquette University. 

Growing up, theater, choir, and speech and debate cultivated my love for people and storytelling. Naturally, that would land me in a PR role, as I work to incorporate my passion for interpersonal connection into my career. 

Outside of my pursuit in communications, I am an avid traveler and pursuer of all things new. I love to experience new foods, languages (I am currently learning German), and cultures. Otherwise, you can find me watching a documentary, singing at mass, hosting game nights, or spending time with my nieces and nephew. 



Supporting Near West Side Partners in their commitment to Milwaukee
I am looking forward to working on a team of such strategic and creative collaborators
I am looking forward to uplifting Milwaukee businesses through collaboration with Mueller clients

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