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Jeremy Treuden

Senior Creative Associate

Hello! I’m Jeremy, Senior Creative Associate at Mueller. As someone who is equal parts strategic and creative, I get to leverage that dichotomy to provide the best solutions possible for our clients.

My ability to see things from a different perspective and problem-solve has benefited me in a variety of ways throughout my life (i.e. figuring out how to escape my crib—and car seat—as a baby, making inventions in grade school, creating my own clothes in high school, playing in a band through college, and developing impactful work and leading teams in both agency and non-profit settings over the last 10+ years). That unique viewpoint is what helped me start my own branding studio a few years back, and it’s something I will continue to utilize in serving our clients at Mueller.

I love being a part of such a talented and caring team. Since starting at Mueller, I’ve found it to be a place that truly embodies its values as an organization and puts a lot of intentionality into its culture. (The Pete’s Pops cooler is just an added bonus.)

When not working (or grabbing a Pete’s Pop) at Mueller, you can find me hanging out with my wife, Megume, and our two kids, Kazu and Ruah. As a family, we love camping, hiking, playing at parks, eating ice cream, going to the Milwaukee Public Museum, and playing card games like Go Fish! On my own, I love eating good food, listening to music, writing and playing music, going to concerts, trying new things, going new places, doing anything creative, and simply relaxing and talking!



Helped develop a streamlined yet dynamic logo system for a new Lakeland Care Inc. brand, Lakeland Care Plus, and its sub-brands
Harnessing the full-power of our own newly developed brand by pushing what already exists even further—let’s go get ’em!
I’m looking forward to leveraging custom, strategy-informed design to help our clients consistently reach the right people

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