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Chelsea Cross


I joined Mueller Communications after an intriguing journey that began right after graduating from Brown University with a degree in public health. Initially, I aimed for a career in medicine, but life had other plans. I started teaching middle school in Hawaii, channeling my inner Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus,” which laid the groundwork for my shift into healthcare management at Kapiʻolani Medical Center. There, I focused on public relations and educational outreach aimed at reducing sexual violence.

The true turn in my career came when I moved back to Milwaukee to assist with a family member’s political campaign. This experience sparked my interest in politics and led me to found my consulting firm, specializing in political elections and advising startups and established companies in philanthropy, cannabis, data, and technology. Eventually, my path led me to Mueller Communications, drawn by the firm’s ethos and the mission instilled by Carl Mueller. As a part-time consultant and Chief of Staff at Data for Black Lives, I’ve found a unique niche.

Working in Milwaukee is exhilarating because of the diversity of projects and clients. Over the years, I’ve managed high-stakes political campaigns, developed strategic communications for major players across various industries, and navigated complex crises, all behind the scenes.

Aside from my client work, I’ve served on various boards, including the Victory Garden Initiative, Teach for America Alumni Board, Edot Midwest Regional Jewish Diversity and Racial Justice Collaborative, Tikkun Ha’Ir, Ovation Jewish Home, and Wisconsin Voices. These roles showcase my commitment to Milwaukee, community development, and education, allowing me to advocate for a seat at the table for everyone and ensure that everyone’s basic needs in Maslow’s hierarchy are met.

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