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Andy LeDuc

Vice President | Digital Strategy & Operations

Andy LeDuc is the Vice President of Digital Strategy & Operations at Mueller Communications. A storyteller and marketer for the digital age, his responsibility is to help clients find their voice and deliver it to the market in a way that sticks. This includes extending the reach and impact of each marketing and public relations campaign by combining the most creative communications talent with the world’s most effective technologies. Serving as a very hands-on resource, Andy ensures that each client benefits from the many ways technology has made communication more targeted and measurable.

Clients who have worked with Andy over the last 20 years will tell you he has a unique ability to bring clarity to the complex world of modern marketing. He was part of the team Google established their first-ever Google Partner program with, and was heavily involved in the early days of mobile location targeting while working at AT&T. Having worked with these technologies from their infancy has given him perspective on where to focus a project to achieve maximum success. If your marketing or PR need involves delivering a key message to a hard-to-reach audience to attract more clients, or raise your prominence online, Andy and the team will be by your side with a sound, measurable, impactful strategy.

Specific areas of expertise include: Fractional CMO, marketing strategy, niche audience targeting and marketing campaign execution. Brand creation and activation, lead generation, B2B sales and marketing alignment. On a technical level, anything that shows up on a screen to influence behavior like search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), programmatic display, CTV, digital audio, social media marketing, CRM harvesting, marketing automation & email marketing.

Industries of vast experience are: B2B, Manufacturing, Legal, Medical, Auto, Retail, Restaurants, Construction, Home Services, Social Welfare Agencies, Local Governments. Also, private equity acquisitions, transformations, and broader portfolio alignment.

Andy holds a degree in business management, public relations, and information systems from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Andy and his wife Sarah currently reside in the fabulous city of Port Washington. Their hearts overflow with love for their young son, Kai, and daughter Drew who are the center of their universe.



Helped grow a mature company exponentially through rebrand, new market positioning, and ecommerce activation
Helped manufacturing client integrate 3 acquisitions and launch ecommerce platform, resulting in a doubling of EBITA-based valuation at sale
Increased law firm case load with reinvented lead generation approach

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