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Aaron Stern

Website and SEO Director

Hi! I’m Aaron Stern, Website and SEO Director at Mueller Communications. I enjoy applying technology to creative problem solving, and often say that I operate at the intersection of development, design, and business–everything you need to produce an effective digital experience from concept to launch.

I would describe myself as competitive, strategic, and motivated, but also laid back and always ready to laugh. I love to listen… I tolerate speaking. 

After nearly a decade leading web operations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I transitioned to a marketing agency based in Chicago, where I worked with clients in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, legal, and more. I joined Mueller in 2023 to make an impact in my home state. I’m a life-long resident of Madison and spend my free time playing basketball, hiking with my dog, and trying new restaurants with my wife.

I have built hundreds of websites in my career. Talk to me about your technology challenges, and I will provide you with optimal solutions.



Helped RapidAir transform its web store into a modern eCommerce experience
Executed website audits and competitive analyses to identify opportunities for digital business growth
Supported teammates in their pursuit of professional excellence

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