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A user-friendly website for a people-centered organization

Project Overview

WCS is a nonprofit human service organization that addresses the individual and systemic barriers that prevent many in our communities from leading productive and healthy lives. WCS’ collaborative, person-centered approach recognizes the dignity and strengths of the youth and adults they serve, helping individuals discover and build a fulfilling future. Understanding the need to update and refresh the organization’s communications strategy to reflect immense growth and clearly illustrate the mission and breadth of work of the organization, WCS engaged Mueller Communications as a strategic communications partner for message platform development and the design and development of a new website.

The Challenge

WCS wanted to position itself for successful recruitment, community understanding and donor engagement by developing and cascading clear, concise and consistent messaging that brings to life the organization’s mission and impact, and issues a strong call to action for partners and funders. To accomplish this, WCS recognized the need for a redesigned, user-friendly, searchable new website to serve as a foundation for online storytelling.

The Solution

The Results

The resulting platform moved away from siloed, technical descriptions of services to create a comprehensive, approachable tool that clearly communicates the organization-wide shared mission, values and approach to invite individuals into a cohesive WCS story with people at the forefront.



  • Messaging & Content
  • Thought Leadership


  • Visual Branding
  • Website Design


  • Storytelling Website
  • Search Engine Optimization