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We leverage strong relationships, our vast knowledge of communications tools and unmatched problem solving abilities to help clients achieve their goals.
Media Relations
Media relations

Our team of seasoned media veterans and former journalists utilizes well-developed relationships with media outlets throughout the state and nation to help our clients.

We can help conceive and organize a complete media relations strategy, provide training on how to effectively deal with the media and develop a comprehensive “earned media” program to achieve maximum results for your marketing budget.

Civic and Community Engagement
Civic and community engagement

For many companies, charitable and community involvement is part of today’s business atmosphere. However, most companies fail to coordinate the company’s mission and business objectives with their civic efforts.


We can help you strategically align your civic involvement, charitable activities and sponsorship efforts with your company’s bottom-line business goals to reap maximum benefits from your civic investments.

Crisis Communications
Crisis communications

When a crisis hits, the first 24 hours can help or hinder the long-term, residual effects on your business. Because a crisis doesn’t always arise during normal business hours, Mueller Communications is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One call will put you in touch with a live person any time of the day or night, and puts the service of our seasoned professionals at your fingertips.

We can design proactive crisis plans that facilitate quick and effective communication and aim to minimize the damage to reputations. We’ll anticipate and mitigate potential issues and address challenging situations in the most coordinated, controlled manner possible.

Digital + Marketing
DIGITAL + marketing

At Mueller Communications, we are storytellers and influencers.  If you’ve found our site, you likely have a story to tell, and an audience to influence. For decades, our communications professionals have partnered with organizations to tell their stories across a wide range of mediums. Today, those mediums are increasingly online and mobile. We have embraced powerful technologies that help our clients build incredibly effective, measurable digital strategies, all as part of a layered and thoughtful communications plan.

Whether you need to launch a new website, target a very specific audience with your message, develop a social media and content strategy, refresh your company’s brand or image, or improve your search ranking on Google, we can make it happen as part of an effective multimedia communications plan.  We believe all organizations – regardless of where it’s based or how large its HQ - should have access to the world’s most powerful communications technology — and a trusted partner by their side to tell their story with empathy.

Public Affairs/Government Relations
Public affairs & government relations

At Mueller Communications, we are politically savvy and know how to get things done for our clients.


We can design and implement your grass roots advocacy, community, media and governmental relations efforts, or launch and sustain a full-scale lobbying effort. We have the experience, contacts and know-how to make a difference at all levels of government.


We also have a proven public information strategy that helps engage and inform communities in advance of a referendum.

Corporate B2B

Being recognized as an industry leader doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of a well-planned marketing strategy.


Mueller Communications can help bring your plan up to speed, especially when you face new challenges, such as corporate change. Looking for help with external audiences? We do that too. Let us help showcase your business’ success to your target customers and clients.

Social Media
Social media

Social media is a dynamic and constantly evolving platform that presents seemingly limitless opportunity and it can be intimidating. At Mueller Communications, we’re staying on the cutting edge of social media trends and technology, and in the process, helping our clients listen to and interact with their key audiences across a number of social media platforms.

Vital communications are occurring about your industry and your organization via social media — whether you participate or not. We can help you monitor the conversation, gauge the value of engaging in it and develop a plan to do so in an effective, controlled manner. We recognize that social media is just one piece of a comprehensive communications plan and we can help you choose the right tools at the right time.

Spokesperson Training
Spokesperson training

Spokesperson training can make the difference between improving or harming an organization’s reputation. To help our clients perform well each time they face the media and other public speaking situations, Mueller Communications offers a training program tailored to meet their needs.

Our spokesperson training staff includes former reporters and editors and simulates real-life training scenarios to teach you the skills you need to gain control, project confidence and impart your key messages. We have trained spokespersons for a wide variety of media interviews and presentations — often involving stress-filled situations.

Learn more about these services in action.

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