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Who WE Are

Mueller Communications’ mission is to provide our clients access to a team of the best communicators and strategic problem-solvers around.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?

Twisted Plants on Brady

What’s something people might not know about you?

I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life

What’s your favorite festival or summer activity?

Lollapalooza in Chicago

Natasha Bivins
Creative Associate


Hi there, I’m Natasha & I’m a creative associate. As a proud graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, I have learned how crucial visual communication is for a brand. At Mueller,  every client has a unique story to tell. I’m passionate about finding new and innovative ways to visually bring that story to life.  Whether it's digital ads, print publications, social media graphics, a new website or a full brand identity, every day brings an exciting challenge.


My creative journey started at a very young age through a close relationship with my grandmother, who attended the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee and went on to be a professional painter & art teacher. She showed me that an artistic career was something I could take seriously, and I’m so grateful to be at a firm that intensely values creativity and professional development. 


Outside of the office you can find me geeking out about typography, pointing out and critiquing every logo I come across and working on passion projects. Nothing excites me more than primary colors & I will make a big deal every time I see them! I also enjoy spending quality time with my friends, getting my hands on traditional art projects and consuming all sorts of media.

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