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THE Couture

Development, Public Affairs, Media Relations

Mueller Communications has worked with Barrett Visionary Development for many years on a variety of real estate development efforts. One example of that work is our recent engagement to gain approval for construction of The Couture – a major new residential high-rise on the site of an underutilized bus terminal in downtown Milwaukee along the lakefront. The project includes development of a major new transit hub on Milwaukee’s lakefront, including a stop for the new streetcar and Bus Rapid Transit. Mueller executed a successful public affairs strategy targeting both the Milwaukee County Board and the Milwaukee Common Council to gain the needed approvals, which included a discounted purchase price for the land from the County and a significant tax incremental financing component from the City. Mueller Communications built a broad coalition of support for the effort, including business associations, minority business chambers, organized labor and neighboring cultural institutions, who helped drive constituent contacts to help ensure a successful outcome. 

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