From Complex to Consumer-Friendly

Project Overview

Health insurance is perhaps one of the strongest examples of something most of us don’t think about until we need it. And when we need it, we’re glad we have it. However, it can be a complex, tedious, and seemingly uninteresting necessity that, at best, is misunderstood, and at worse is ignored and underutilized. As a result, there is a great opportunity to educate and build understanding about health insurance and health care in general. For more than 15 years, that’s what Mueller Communications has been working to achieve for UnitedHealthcare.

The Challenge

Among most in the general population, UnitedHealthcare is known simply as the corporate name that appears on the insurance card in their wallet or purse. While it is true that UnitedHealthcare provides health insurance to 1.6 million people in Wisconsin and 820,000 in Michigan, the company also actively works to help provide easier access to health care services and is able to provide a wealth of information and resources that can help people understand how to live healthier lives. As UnitedHealthcare serves its members by providing health insurance, there is also a great opportunity to educate and build a broader understanding about health insurance and health care in general.

The Solution

Mueller Communications has worked with UnitedHealthcare to implement ongoing media campaigns and support community outreach efforts in the Wisconsin and Michigan markets.

Media Relations

We have supported ongoing media outreach efforts that have included:

  • Positioning UnitedHealthcare leadership as expert resources for reporters to call on for industry perspectives.
  • Distributing news releases and media advisories announcing UnitedHealthcare community support initiatives such as student backpack giveaways, health screening events, employee volunteer initiatives, funding for affordable housing developments, and rollout of new benefit plans and programs.
  • Drafting and submitting thought-leadership content on behalf of UnitedHealthcare leadership to business and general media outlets.
Community Relations

We have supported community relations efforts, including:

  • Identifying speaking opportunities and civic organizations for UnitedHealthcare leadership to engage in, including membership with the Greater Milwaukee Committee.
  • Assisting with staging of health screening and back-to-school health and wellness events.
  • Managing a year-long community service initiative called Mission Distinction in which UnitedHealthcare funded efforts to provide a mobile dental clinic targeting underserved children and their families, vision screening, and access to fresh food through a partnership with Feeding America.
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The Results

Mueller has secured hundreds of media placements in our time working with UnitedHealthcare across print, broadcast and online media outlets in the Wisconsin and Michigan markets. Our work has resulted in elevating UnitedHealthcare’s market presence both as an organization and among market executive leaders.