Project Overview

As the only Jewish Museum in Wisconsin, Jewish Museum Milwaukee (JMM) provides an important resource for educating children and adults about tolerance and diversity by exploring shared difficult histories and using Jewish history and art to explore contemporary topics. While JMM programming and resources aim to spark conversations beyond Milwaukee and the Jewish community, existing and desired museum membership and public perceptions didn’t align, leaving a great opportunity to reach new audiences with refined, modernized messaging and visual brand standards.

The Challenge

Despite its mission of building bridges between diverse groups, approximately half of Jewish Museum Milwaukee membership is composed of members of the Jewish community. Fostering its motto “Where Conversations Happen,” JMM began engaging with the broader community through diverse programming highlighting social justice issues, yet awareness of the museum as a welcoming, inclusive resource for those beyond the Jewish community still lacked. JMM engaged Mueller Communications to develop communication strategies to refresh its branding, messaging and marketing efforts to increase awareness and interest among new and diverse audiences.

The Solution

The partnership aimed to:
  • Gather input from the community and key stakeholders through an audience survey;

  • Develop messaging that speaks to the key beliefs and offerings of JMM and establishes its position as a resource for the community;

  • Refresh the visual brand to appeal to and engage with a more modern, diverse audience.


A survey of more than 500 community members provided insights on audience demographics, personal values, current perceptions, and experiences with the museum. The survey confirmed social justice issues are of importance to key audiences, and identified the perceived value of JMM programming and resources with targeted audience segments. Survey results also helped identify key phrases and words currently associated with the museum.

Messaging & Brand Standards: 

A comprehensive survey report laid the groundwork for a message matrix for the organization, allowing Mueller to build out high-level and targeted messages, a value proposition and updated vision statement. 


The visual brand redesign for JMM included an updated logo and brand standards. Aspiring to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience, JMM embraced its well-known acronym in its logo for a cleaner, simpler design.

The Results

The audience survey ensured messaging, brand standards, logo and future communications strategies align with the museum’s vision and audience’s expectations, speaking to the diverse audiences in a meaningful way. Mueller continues to work with JMM to support its communications efforts, leveraging key findings and insights in all marketing communications.
  • Distributed survey via email to 3,000+, in addition to social media audiences
  • 500+ survey responses
  • 75% survey completion rate