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Maintaining a Positive (Virtual) Office Environment

As teams across the nation adjust to the reality of social distancing and working from home, it can be a challenge to stay focused and stay positive. Here are a few ways we’re working to

reinforce a positive mindset to not only support our staff, but help them thrive:

MAINTAIN AS MUCH ROUTINE AS POSSIBLE: In these uncertain times, it’s important to try to maintain as much stability and normalcy as possible. A key way to do so is to adhere to your routine as much as possible. If you would regularly hold all-staff meetings, brainstorms or one-on-one touch bases - move them to virtual meetings using FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

KEEP UP THE CULTURE: What is the atmosphere of your office during a typical work week? At Mueller Communications, we take the "work hard, play hard" mentality seriously. While not being in the same physical space can change team dynamics, it’s important to do everything you can to maintain and build your company culture.

Our team created a standard all-staff chat feed for important questions or work-related notes, and we also have an ongoing “virtual water cooler” chat for funny videos and photos, stories or otherwise light-hearted thoughts and moments we experience throughout the day to maintain the sense of togetherness. We think of it as the virtual equivalent to popping into a colleagues office for a quick brain break.

PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR TEAM BUILDING: Virtual happy hour anyone? Play trivia, bingo or pictionary. Even if your team has worked together for a while, encourage get-to-know-you activities that reinforce thoughtful relationship building and unleash your creative side, like: virtual game brackets, photo and video competitions, and after-work book or movie clubs.

PROVIDE RESOURCES FOR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH: Providing co-workers with resources to take care of their physical and mental health is increasingly important.

An easy way to do this is to encourage short breaks in the work day routine that are good for the soul, like taking a walk or going for a bike ride. Make sure your employees have easy access to opportunities for mental health improvement like virtual counseling or a meditation app. Many local gyms or even larger companies, like Pelaton, are offering free virtual classes right now. If you see an opportunity, share it!

BE AN EXAMPLE: It’s okay to be anxious or have difficulty focusing. In fact, it’s kind of a given right now. Be transparent about these challenges, and how you are working to overcome them. Encourage your teammates to own what they’re feeling and work together to find creative ways to overcome their anxieties.

How are you encouraging your team? Do you have resources to share? Drop us a note at


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