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Digital + Marketing

At Mueller Communications, we are storytellers and influencers.  If you’ve found our site, you likely have a story to tell, and an audience to influence. For decades, our communications professionals have partnered with organizations to tell their stories across a wide range of mediums. Today, those mediums are increasingly online and mobile. We have embraced powerful technologies that help our clients build incredibly effective, measurable digital strategies, all as part of a layered and thoughtful communications plan.

We have the staff and experience to serve as the marketing department for your organization, or simply provide strategic guidance and execution assistance for a marketing director wearing too many hats. Whether you need to launch a new website, build out CRM lead nurturing, develop a social media and content strategy, refresh your company’s brand or image, or improve your search ranking on Google, we can make it happen as part of an effective multimedia communications plan.  We believe all organizations – regardless of where it’s based or how large its HQ - should have access to the world’s most powerful communications technology — and a trusted partner by their side to tell their story with empathy.

Website_Graphic Design_Milwaukee.png

Your website is often the most important tool to leave a first impression of your organization. For that reason, you need a web team that will listen, learn, and build your pages with empathy and understanding of your organization.  The Mueller Communications web designers and copywriters will capture your organization's voice and ensure people connect with the value you bring.  We build sites that help businesses attract, engage, and convert new clients. For non-profits and local governments, we have extensive experience creating sites that truly connect with the communities they serve.

Website & Graphic Design
Content Marketing_Thought Leadership_Milwaukee.png

Do you need help producing high-quality content, or improving your rank on the search engines?  Mueller Communications’ team of in-house writers, SEO professionals and graphic designers can help you identify what your users are searching for — and build a targeted content marketing strategy that communicates your company’s mission and value.  Having an effective content plan establishes your organization's expertise and authority as a thought leader in the domains important to you, and ensures that your story is being told consistently across all platforms.


Content creation can range from keyword rich landing pages, blog posts, informational articles, white papers, videos, infographics and social media posts shown to highly targeted audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and LinkedIn.  The team you work with will develop content for each stage of influence along the Buyer’s Journey: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention/Advocacy.

Content Marketin & Thougt Leadership
SEO_Search Engine Optimization_Milwaukee.png
SEO (search engine optimization)

No black hat tricks here, just great fundamentals.  We’ve learned that the best way to improve your search engine results in Google and bring in quality traffic is to provide users with engaging and informational content; making sure it’s tuned for Google’s algorithm.  When this content is paired with key phrases, linking best practices and other search engine optimization tactics, the result is a powerful boost in SEO that will help your company increase its web traffic, brand presence and conversion rates.


This is a data-driven process that starts with keyword research, identifying user intent, conducting SERP analysis and more.  When your web pages appear at the top of search engines, you gain trust and credibility among visitors — and ultimately stand out from the competition.



On-Page Optimization

In addition to targeted keyword research, we can provide you with an SEO site review to analyze and identify opportunities for your company to improve its search engine rankings.  We’ll crawl your site for SEO issues, including reviewing any existing content on your website and highlighting pages that may be in need of content refreshes, page design updates, or technical attention, such as fixing broken links or index errors.  


Off-Page Optimization

Google looks at factors beyond your website when deciding who makes the first page and who gets buried in the search results.  A big factor is how your organization is represented on high domain authority sites, on social media or on other published web pages.  Our team will build, optimize, and ensure consistency across authority sites, and create keyword-rich content to be published for your audience, improving your website rank along the way.

Google Maps_Online Presence Optimization_Milwaukee.png

Google Maps is an essential web tool for all local organizations; commercial or non-profit. The business listing resource is given priority visibility over other organic results.  Optimizing your profile on Google and ensuring consistency across other key authority sites like Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and Apple Maps is the foundation of your off-page SEO.  Oh yeah, and voice search too! According to ComScore, by 2020, 50% of search will be voice search including Amazon’s Alexa and Google voice search. The team at Mueller Communications will act as the steward of your business’s online content by maintaining communication with these sites and many more on your behalf, making sure you get found in more places, more prominently, and with better consistency.  You’ll love the measurable results that come from having your off-page presence expertly managed.

Google Maps
Reputation_Review Management_Milwaukee.png

You’ve worked hard to build your reputation. Don’t let someone’s bad day ruin it. Mueller Communications is well known for excellent work in crisis communication, and that extends to the day-to-day management of online reviews and sentiment. Our team will work with you on a review generation and management response strategy. We can craft responses in your brand voice, monitor your web presence and respond to reviews on your behalf.

Reputation & Review Management
Social Media_Milwaukee.png
Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Twitter.

Social media is a dynamic and constantly evolving platform that presents seemingly limitless opportunity — and it can be intimidating.  At Mueller Communications, we’re staying on the cutting edge of social media trends and technology, and in the process, helping our clients listen to and interact with their key audiences across a number of social media platforms.

Vital communications are occurring about your industry and your organization via social media — whether you participate or not. We can help you monitor the conversation, gauge the value of engaging in it and develop a plan to do so in an effective, controlled manner.  We recognize that social media is just one piece of a comprehensive communications plan and we can help you choose the right tools at the right time.

Social Media
Online Display_Geo Fencing_Milwaukee.png

Don't buy media. Buy an audience.

Where is your target audience standing? ... Right at this moment?  Are they at a competitor’s location?  Wherever they are we will find them for you, deliver a compelling message, and bring them to your website or Facebook page.  Would you like to target by age, income, industry, position at work, lifestyle choices, political affiliation, hobbies?  Not a problem.  Mueller Communications will give your organization access to the most sophisticated technologies in the world and combine them with Wisconsin’s top public relations and marketing talent to craft the message and delivery.  



Ever search for something and notice ads for that thing following you around?  The team at Mueller Communications believes that organizations of all sizes should have equal access to the power of the world’s most sophisticated communications tools, and we’re happy to offer it to all. The technology is called keyword search targeting and we’d love to help you utilize it.  Our team will create compelling online display ads and publish them in front of people who have searched for keywords you find valuable. Harnessing the power of these tools allows you to focus your marketing efforts narrowly, with people who have already told you what they’re interested in.



Clients need to be exposed to your brand 5-7 times before converting.  Reinforce your brand message to client prospects who have shown interest by following them with display ads wherever they go next online.  This will keep you top of mind while they continue their research.  Don’t lose the audience you’ve worked so hard to earn!

Onlin Display & Geo-Fencing
PPC_Pay Per Click_SEM_Search Engine Management_Milwaukee.png
PPC (Pay-Per-Click) / SEM (Search Engine Management)

Want to soar to the top of Google?  Let Mueller Communications’ PPC and SEM experts build strategic ad campaigns on Google (and Bing) just for you.  Having a presence on the top of search engine pages can help your organization generate high-quality traffic to your website, increase your conversion rates and provide a great ROI.  With more than a decade of search engine management experience and the latest machine learning at hand, let the team at Mueller Communications help you to get the most out of your ads.  You set the budget and we’ll handle the rest.

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