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Mortenson Construction

Crisis Communications

As one of the leading construction companies in the country, Mortenson Construction has an excellent safety record on its job sites. It also recognizes, however, the importance of being prepared in the event of a crisis, whether that is an accident on a job site, public litigation, or a natural disaster. A critical part of that preparation is ensuring that the company’s integrity and reputation are protected through well-managed communications with the media and other key stakeholders.


In an effort to coordinate current safety policies, reporting procedures and protocols for media, and community responses in the event of an on-site accident or other crisis situation, Mortenson works with Mueller Communications to refine and localize its comprehensive crisis communications plan for Mortenson’s Wisconsin operations and provide spokesperson and crisis communications training to key Mortenson staff.


In addition to being ‘on-call’ and available to Mortenson should a crisis situation arise on high profile projects, such as the new Milwaukee Bucks arena, Mueller consults with Mortenson staff on site-specific crisis plans for new projects, and provides media training ‘refresher’ classes to project managers.


It is always our hope that the crisis plans we develop will not be used. However, we know firsthand the importance of being prepared to handle any potential crisis situation. By working with Mueller to make crisis preparedness a critical piece of their corporate culture and preparing company leadership to deal with potential crises, we are confident that should Mortensen encounter a crisis, it will be handled with integrity, in a timely, appropriate manner.

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