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make mueller part of your team

Mueller Communications is a full-service communications and marketing firm based in Milwaukee. For more than 30 years, Mueller Communications has earned a reputation for driving exceptional results for our clients, including in the legal profession. Want to learn how a strategic communications and marketing approach can help you better serve your clients, position you and your team as thought leaders, and achieve your business goals? Explore the links below and contact us for a free consultation.


Mueller Communications will serve as an extension of your client’s legal team, supporting your legal strategy with a comprehensive communications effort that ensures your client is prepared for the “court of public opinion.”

Want to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader?

What topics and trends matter most to current and prospective clients? Mueller Communications can help you become the go-to resource and subject matter expert.

Need to Market Your Services and Generate Leads?

From brand awareness and consideration to conversion and loyalty, Mueller Communications can design and launch a brand and associated marketing strategy to boost your business.



To learn more about our experience with these complex issues, contact Lori Richards or James Madlom at 414.390.5500.

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