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Summer Fun at Mueller Communications

We asked our staff to share their favorite things to do in Milwaukee during the summer. Check it out below and click through the slideshow to see some great pictures!

"The summers are amazing in Milwaukee and I try to spend every minute I can, outdoors with my family." - James

"Beach volleyball!" - Elizabeth B.

"I love taking a jog on one of our many wonderful trails, or getting lost in the woods for an afternoon — especially anywhere near the lake!" - Sorrina

"I always love a good 'lake day' during the summertime!" - Keely

"I love being outside as much as possible in the summer. One of my favorite spots to be is on Lakefront Brewery's patio with my pup!" - Rachel

"I'm a simple woman who likes to travel and eat ice cream in the summer." - Amerin

"Summerfest!" - Brandon

"Over the past several years, we have discovered new local beaches in the Greater Milwaukee area. We all know Milwaukee benefits from its location on the coast of a Great Lake, but few people seem to understand that in the summer, the soft sandy beaches and beautiful blue water can rival the beach experience on the coasts! My family and I adore a quick trip to the beach, for a Sunday picnic, a late night sunset swim or a full day of sand castles and wave jumping." - Lori

"Friday Night Live in downtown Waukesha!" - Elizabeth H.

"The waterfront views alone are reason enough to visit, but Milwaukee is also the global hub for fresh water science and technology... knowing this, I love to spend time on our waterways and not just Lake Michigan. A few times a summer I rent kayaks from the Milwaukee Kayak Company and paddle along the Milwaukee River, stopping at the many bars/restaurants along the scenic tour. Stops like Lakefront Brewery even offer a small discount if you show your Milwaukee Kayak Company wristband!" - Elyise

"German Fest. The music and the beer are so great! It's actually become a family tradition, with my parents coming the last two years, and again this year. Also, this year my older brothers and their families are coming to see what all the fuss is about!" - Catherine

"We love the South Shore Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and the South Shore Terrace Beer Garden. Both are kid and dog friendly." - Amelia

"Burying/hanging out with my buds at the beach!" - Naomi


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