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Our Best Advice

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

We asked our staff to share the best advice they've received over the years. Check it out!

"A number of years ago as a reporter I interviewed businessman and philanthropist Alfred Bader for a story about a business in which he was investing. As we concluded our meeting, without saying anything, he handed me a piece of paper with a quote (I later learned is attributed to President Calvin Coolidge) that is sound advice for anyone: "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone is omnipotent."

- Phill Trewyn

"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet sweaty things." - Elizabeth Hummitzsch

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Which means: in sports, your career and in life learn to thrive in stressful situations by becoming mentally tough. A great way to do that is by developing a growth mindset. Always push yourself to take on new challenges and continue to grow with hard work and dedication. However, it's hard to do that if you aren't PASSIONATE about what you're doing so make sure that you have found a career that you're passionate about." - Jennifer Morton

"Don't throw out your yogurt in your office trash can on Monday, because you'll regret it on Friday! - valuable advice from Jen on my first day at Mueller." - Amerin Idell

"My former boss and mentor once told me to "Shut up, and say thank you.'" That may sound like strange advice, but I think it's needed more often than not, particularly for young women in the work place. All too often, young people, particularly in a work environment that is very collaborative and team-oriented, defer praise when it is offered for a job well done. I have especially noticed this to be the case for young women. When we are given a compliment, our instinct is to credit the entire team. After all, hardly anything in a work setting is the result of one single individual. Being modest and giving credit where it is due is very important. But so is being gracious and accepting of praise when it is offered. The person who is offering the praise knows it was a group effort, but perhaps you played a more significant role or helped spearhead the effort. Regardless, I try to remind myself when given a compliment to simply say "thank you," and in turn to share that praise with the entire team." - Catherine Knipstein

"Everyday is fresh, with no mistakes in it (yet)..." - Elyise Brigman

"The best advice I've received is: "Never burn bridges." Working in a mid-size city such as Milwaukee, you never know when an opportunity might arise — and the last thing you'd want is an old situation to stand in your way. And on that note, another piece of advice I received as a business reporter continues to hold ground: "Treat the janitor as the CEO." You'll never regret being nice." - Sorrina Beecher

"Your character is known by the company you keep." - Brandon Ramey

"Don't "fake it til you make it." Instead, challenge yourself to listen, be honest, ask for help, or find a learning opportunity. Faking it will never get you towards success as quickly as hard work, a plan and putting in true effort." - Rachel Kern

"The best advice I have ever received is 'The Power of 168' something my Cross Country Coach explained to me when I was stressed and felt like there was not enough time in a week to do everything. He explained there are 168 hours in each week. When you set aside hours for sleeping (hopefully 7-8, but be realistic with yourself), grooming yourself and eating. Then set aside hours for school or work and scheduled activities like church, book club and work outs. How many hours do you have left in a week? What number do you have in front of you? Don't stress yourself out there is time in life for everything that is important to you."

- Keely Smith

"Several: Don't ever apologize for having high standards. Make other people work up to yours; don't work down to theirs.

- Carl Mueller

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

- My dad

Don't step in other people's s*%t. And if you do, clean your shoes. -Thelma Sias"

- Lori Richards


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