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Digital, Marketing, Media Relations, Civic and Community Engagement

In the second year of working with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to promote their On the Table event, Mueller Communications reimagined what it would take to increase event registration, in turn, advancing attendance numbers among targeted audiences in the Milwaukee community.


The Mueller team named ten influencers and community ambassadors in different walks of life to speak to their experience at On the Table and why they are re-engaging in 2018. After sitting down with each ambassador for on-camera interviews, Mueller created ten, 60-second pre-event videos that were pushed on Facebook to a custom created audience would be most receptive to the message (example: Betsy Brenner attached).  At the end of the campaign, the videos had over 100,000 video views over 10 seconds and 12,358 complete video views. 759 Facebook users clicked directly from the video to the Registration page and over 400,000 Greater Milwaukee Foundation and On the Table MKE branded views. Video views from the year prior to implementing these tactics totaled 144.


Additionally, during the 2018 event, the Mueller team produced a Wrap-Up video of the day, which achieved 93,794 impressions in front of the custom created "local Milwaukee enthusiasts" audience, 4,526 video views at 100% and 736 people clicked to the On the Table website to learn more about the event. The combined efforts of pre and post event promotion have energized both the donor base and attendees for On the Table.


We look forward to continuing our work with Greater Milwaukee Foundation for the On the Table event in 2019.

On The Table Betsy Brenner
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