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Media Relations, Community Engagement, Social Media

When Meijer decided to expand into Wisconsin, company leadership knew it would be a large undertaking. The company hadn’t expanded into a new state in nearly 20 years. Recognizing the need to introduce the Meijer brand to Wisconsinites and help embed Meijer into the communities it was targeting for stores, Meijer engaged Mueller Communications.


To help create awareness of the company, its one-stop-shopping concept and to differentiate it from other retailers in the grocery and general merchandise space, Mueller Communications has engaged in a variety of community relations, public relations, sponsorship and philanthropic activities with Meijer. At the core of our approach has been a comprehensive media outreach campaign designed to introduce Meijer to Wisconsin shoppers and keep it top-of-mind as a one-stop shopping option.


Thanks to unique media angles developed by the Mueller Communications team, and our ongoing relationships and firsthand knowledge of Wisconsin media, Meijer has received overwhelming, ongoing media coverage across all media types. Since engaging Mueller Communications in 2013, Meijer has secured more than 2,485 Wisconsin placements, which have supported the company’s record sales at numerous Wisconsin store openings. Meijer now looks to Mueller Communications as a trusted resource, and has looked to replicate the “Mueller approach” in other Midwest states and markets.

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