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In January 2018, Mueller Communications was selected to provide public relations and marketing services for Light the Hoan. Light the Hoan is a non-profit organization in Milwaukee working to share positive community stories and raise money to light the iconic Hoan Bridge. Light the Hoan is a grassroots effort led entirely by volunteers. The mission of the project is to illuminate the Hoan Bridge in recognition of the countless unseen, under-celebrated acts of kindness, generosity and service that give the City of Milwaukee hope.


Mueller Communications’ involvement with the project has been extensive. Mueller worked with Light the Hoan to develop core messaging for the project, as well as to develop the monthly eNewsletter, create merchandise, plan events, manage retail partnerships and assist with social media marketing efforts. Mueller has worked closely with project founders and neighborhood influencers to promote the project and community events and raise awareness of the project. Taken as a whole, these efforts have been successful in generating significant local attention, including through numerous stories in print, television, radio and online media.


Through the work of Mueller Communications’ collaboration with Social Candy, a social media storytelling agency, Light the Hoan created a series of videos titled “Behind the Bulb” to highlight the stories of positive individuals and organizations in the Milwaukee area. The video campaign serves as content for web pages, social media platforms as well as the monthly eNewsletter.


In November of 2018, Light the Hoan retained Mueller Communications to assist in their efforts to elevate a bulb dedication on Light the Hoan’s website to be a proper Milwaukee holiday present. To do so, Mueller designed an advertising campaign that ran on Facebook and targeted City of Milwaukee enthusiasts for the month of December – a $1,000 media spend that resulted in $8,750 in donations.


We look forward to continuing our work with Light the Hoan into 2019.

Light the Hoan Social Media
Light the Hoan Social Media
Light the Hoan Social Media
Light the Hoan Social Media
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