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Corpororate Communications, Digital

Mueller Communications has completed a wide range of projects for Kimberly-Clark North America (KCNA) and Kimberly-Clark Professional, focused on internal employee engagement and communications. One example of that work is our partnership with KCNA to develop and implement an employee communications strategy to drive engagement on its initiative to optimize its operations throughout all of its North American mills.


The company knew it needed to efficiently and effectively introduce the program to its employees. KCNA engaged Mueller Communications to help launch the program in a way that inspired employee involvement and ownership for the best possible results.


To clearly communicate the goals of the program, Mueller worked with the KCNA to develop a corporate communications plan that explained the mission of the program and determined the best possible communication channels to reach thousands of employees throughout North America in the procurement, design, marketing, manufacturing and distribution branches of the company.


The communications plan included a series of speaking engagements for the program’s leadership, monthly internal editorial articles, e-newsletters and video interviews about different aspects of the program, as well as plant-specific collateral materials such as displays for mill television screens and posters and table toppers for employee congregating areas. Mueller also worked with KCNA to develop and execute two different “fast draw” style videos to further explain key portions of the initiative to KCNA employees.


Because of these tactics, the mission of the program was successfully communicated throughout KCNA’s mills, and the company has already celebrated a number of successes as the program continues its roll out. 

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