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Media Relations, Public Education Campaign

To keep up with the movement toward low-maintenance living and the existing downtown condominium boom, the Village of Shorewood began to consider several new housing developments on key avenues in the village.

The Village of Shorewood Community Development Authority (CDA) sought assistance from Mueller Communications to make the project come to life. The project involved meeting one-on-one with key business and community leaders to gauge perceptions regarding developments and evaluate specific parcels for redevelopment.  When specific mixed-use developments were proposed, Mueller Communications worked with the CDA to reach out to neighbors and local businesses to encourage participation in the design review board and zoning hearings. The project received approval from both.

To highlight the project, and begin promoting the new developments to potential tenants, Mueller Communications worked to develop story angles and pitch the project to local media. Stories were secured in the state’s largest daily newspaper, and in the village’s local weekly publication.

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