Who WE Are

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Carter Green


I’m Carter Green, a videographer with Mueller Communications. 

I found my love for filmmaking at an early age. Growing up, I made home videos with my brother and neighborhood friends. Although these videos didn’t go on to win any Oscars, I discovered my enjoyment in planning, shooting, and editing a project. Since then, I have had the opportunity to build my film-making portfolio, including through short films and work on film sets ranging from feature films to local TV and Walt Disney productions. 

Since graduating from UW-Milwaukee with a major in film, video, animation, & new genres, I have had the opportunity to explore my passion for capturing powerful – and often untold – stories. Mueller Communications has given me a lot of opportunities to do just that. Every time I work with the Mueller team I learn something new about Milwaukee.

When I am not filming, I like to watch movies, make music, and play soccer. I also really enjoy watching the NFL (go Vikes).