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Who WE Are

Mueller Communications’ mission is to provide our clients access to a team of the best communicators and strategic problem-solvers around.

What’s your favorite festival or summer activity?

Reading by the lakefront


What’s your favorite local restaurant?

La Merenda


what's your favorite book?

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Anna Story
SENIOR Associate


Hi! I’m Anna Story—and yes, my last name is as fitting as you think it is. At as young as eight years old, I could be found huddled over a notebook, toiling over characters and plotlines and scribbling out lines of poetry. Swap out the pen and paper for a laptop, and not much has changed.


As a born writer with a hunger for knowledge, communications felt like the obvious career choice. I pursued my passions at Marquette University, where I graduated with a degree in public relations and writing-intensive English. As an associate at Mueller Communications, I have the privilege of exploring my interests and strengthening my skills for the benefit of our clients and the greater Milwaukee community alongside some of the city’s brightest people. 


Outside the office, I devour books like it’s my job. On the rare occasion I’m not curled up in my papasan chair with a thrifted paperback and a glass of wine, you might find me at a local venue catching my favorite bands perform, pub trivia, or at Comet Cafe with a vegan reuben in hand.

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